Catalog Management System

Feature & Function Highlights

  • Administrator access via back-end control panel for configuration and management.
  • Extensive control panel administrative search functions to locate products or equipment packages by keywords or other search criteria.
  • Robust product catalog for maintaining products, images and equipment package configurations.
  • Includes the ability to copy/clone existing products and equipment package configurations.
  • Supports definition of products as a single "base sku" with no options (color/size) or optionally defining products at the sub-product (color/size) level for inventory tracking and price overrides.
  • Product pricing defined as suggested retail price, selling price, wholesale price and landed cost.
  • Option to automatically calculate "point values" for products based on landed cost which athletes can redeem to purchase product at no cost if they have been allocated points by their Rep or Manager.
  • Serves as standalone eCommerce product catalog for direct sales of pre-configured equipment packages or ad-hoc supplemental product purchases to sponsored athletes.
  • Optional API's available for partial or full integration with corporate mainframe system for order processing, shipment updates and inventory management.
  • Unlimited products segmented by unlimited categories and brands.
  • Build to Order (BTO) configuration module includes ability to pre-define products to be offered in package with option to limit amount to be purchased by category and by product.
  • BTO pricing options include fixed price packages and line item pricing of packages.
  • BTO equipment packages can be defined as "manager only", "one-time only promo" and required purchase at time of contract acceptance.
  • BTO equipment packages are associated with one to many MMS sponsorship groups which govern the sponsorship levels that are authorized to purchase packages.
  • Option to require Reps/Managers to approve or reject orders submitted by athletes on their roster.
  • Extensive sales reporting included to produce managerial reports for sales by product, by category, by Rep, by year.