Newsflash Management System

Features & Functions

  • What you see is What You Get HTML text editor to facilitate creation of newsletters and newsflashes to be distributed via email to team roster and staff.
  • Allows manager's of sponsored athletes to distribute information via email to recipients selectively by sponsorship type or contract status.
  • Supports including attachments such as pdf files, images or spreadsheets.
  • Newsflashes can be sent automatically are pre-determined dates and times or manually "on demand".
  • Includes option to manually add athletes to newsflash database that are not sponsored to special distribution lists to facilitate communicating to athletes who may be interested in sponsorship or have signed up to receive newsletters
  • Includes log files of emails sent by date/time along with "date opened" by recipient
  • Administrator access via back-end control panel for configuration and management via an intuitive user interface.