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1 Dec 14

Team HQS deploys new private cloud servers

Posted by Mike Franks, President & CEO

Virtual Private Clouds Are Here!

Team HQS deploys new Cloud servers with Softlayer, a division of IBM based in Dallas Texas. Our Private cloud is a single-tenant environment where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to a exclusively to Team HQS and it's customers. Public Clouds are open to security risks and there are thousands of customers who share public clouds.

If you are new to "cloud computing", the cloud is a collection of critical business resources stored on web-based servers instead of your own dedicated server. These resources include our subscription-based online Team Management System that enables you to access and execute "on demand" via any internet connection without having the neceessary I/T skills or expertise to manage a data center. Our Cloud-based business applications also let you respond quickly to seasonal downshifts or growth spurts. Your monthly subscription is adjusted annually based on usage criteria and you never have to be concerned with software upgrades, memory or disk capacity.You can add or remove licenses, through your online administration portal, to adjust to your changing needs.

After upgrading to our new Cloud based Team HQS system, you do not have to worry about what might happen if your computers, servers, or devices are damaged through theft, fire, flood, or human error. With a trusted cloud service provider, your data will be kept in a secured system, reducing the risk that your data will be lost. Most importantly, as your business requirements for team managaement expand, so willl the cloud!

1 Jun 14

Team HQS forms new business partnership

Posted by Mike Franks, President & CEO

Business Partnership

Team HQS announced today a new strategic partnership with Ken Merritt, President and CEO of Pro HQS to exclusively market the Team Management System

Pro HQS is now the official licensed reseller of the Team HQS Team Management System (TMS). Ken's vast background in the tennis industry combined with his first hand practical experience and knowledge of the TMS system made his company a perfect partner for Team HQS. Ken stated... "TMS significantly enhances a Territory Rep or Team Manager’s ability to distribute contracts, measure player “give back” to the brand and communicate effectively with athletes on their roster via its integrated html email Newsflash applet. I am excited about the opportunity to help bring awareness to the sports industry as it is truly a game changer!"