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About Us

Team HQS (Team Headquarters)

TeamHQS.com is the "GO TO" membership portal for Professional Athletes and Brand Ambassadors such as coaches, trainers and recreational athletes that use and promote the "secret locker room" products now available to our members and retail customers. We sell direct to consumers at Manufacturer's Advertised Prices (MAP) via our retail storefront website.  If you would like to promote TeamHQS.com and receive a commission on each order placed by an individual you have referred, submit an application to join our Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP).  You will earn a 10% commission for every customer you refer who places an order even when they return to place an additional order and did not use a referral link to place their supplemental order.

Click here to submit an application if you would like to join our team. When you apply for membership, we will promptly review your application and provide you a decision within 24 hours.

If you are a manufacturer of products that you would like to offer for sale to our members you may submit a contact us form for additional information.  We will provide you with the terms and conditions of our manufacturer's partnership agreement (MPA).

First, our brand partner list is pretty spectacular. We think the world of them and know they feel the same about the work we have done for them.

Team HQS was founded in 2005 and is an online solution provider of business applications that have been designed and developed over the last decade specifically for manufacturers and distributors in the sports marketing segment who utilize Brand Ambassadors as a channel to increase "mind share" in the marketplace that translates into revenue for our brands and Team HQS.  Our Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP) is unmatched in the industry providing robust features and functions without sacrificing flexibility and ease of use.

In 2019, we expanded our offering to sell direct to non-members as "guests" at MAP prices. In addition, under an exclusive promotional agreement our members may purchase products at significant discounts off MAP.

We are experts in the area of "end to end" management of sponsored athletes and our team has practical "first hand" experience in developing and administering online athlete management and fulfillment systems. Last, but not least we are a team of consultants, project managers, software developers, architects, troubleshooters, business enablers and innovators. 

We work in partnership with our manufacturers, advising them how to leverage Team HQS in order to meet their business objectives or overcome challenges related to managing and supporting sponsored athletes. As consultants, we are available to help improve the structure and efficiency of your player promotions department. 

We provide brands with opportunities to drive behavioral change through meaningful online experiences and communications that tap into athlete passions.

We provide brands with opportunities to improve athlete satisfaction with service and support through effective and timely delivery of contractual obligations.

Brand Loyalty

We provide brands with opportunities to contractually build year to year commitments from athletes who are "sponsored" and receive either free or "fee" based contractual agreements. 


We provide brands with opportunities to eliminate costs associated with a non-automated distribution of contracts and drive increased revenue via sales of products direct to members and through referral sales to dealers and online retail websites.


We provide manufacturers with an opportunity to promote their products through Brand Ambassadors who are professional or emerging elite athletes, coaches, instructors and grassroots recreational athletes in their respective sports.

Team HQS members purchase products at significant discounts in return for using and promoting those products and the manufacturer brands they represent. 

Each member of Team HQS is required to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of membership.

Members are not required to purchase any products but must agree to use and promote the products they purchase.

Team HQS does not inventory any products. Orders placed via TeamHQS.com are drop shipped from our manufacturers.