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Electrolyzed Water System, Generate Disinfectant (HOCl) or Degreaser (KOH)

Electrolyzed water is an all-natural, non-toxic, and non-hazardous solution that can be used for disinfecting or degreasing. As a disinfectant, it is a powerful oxidant called hypochlorous acid (HOCl) that is 100 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. As a cleaner and degreaser, it is a powerful reducing agent of potassium hydroxide (KOH) that can effectively dissolve water-insoluble substances. With the Eco One, you can generate both! Using table salt you can generate the hypochlorous acid disinfectant. Using postassium carbonate you can generate the cleaner and degreaser.

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1 Year Limited Warranty

Used by athletes, gyms, homes, restaurants, grocery stores - anywhere/anytime -kills all bacteria and viruses on contact!