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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum dollar amount I am allowed to purchase each year as a Team Member?
Each membership group level is assigned a supplemental purchase dollar amount limit. If you need to purchase more product than your allowed limit, contact your Regional Agent/Rep and request an exception explaining why you need the additional product.

How do I check the status of my order or request a change?
After logging into the website, on your membership account menu, click on View Previous Orders. You will then see a list of your order history and also a HELP DESK link to submit a request to our Customer Service department for your order.

If you placed your order as a "Guest", then you simply login using your email address and Order Code that was provided to you in your order acknowledgement sent to you via email.

What are Reward Points and how do I acquire and redeem them to purchase product?
Each active Team HQs member may optionally be assigned "Reward Points" by their Regional Agent/Rep at the time their membership is approved or at any time during the year. Points are awarded based on referral sales or for specific recognition of performance as a member of Team HQS. If you receive Reward Points, your available points balance will be displayed during the order checkout process and you may redeem those points to apply towards the purchase of all of the products in your shopping cart. If your points balance is sufficient, your order may be purchased at no cost to you.

If you are an Affiliate, you have the option to exchange commissions for Reward Points via your Affiliate dashboard menu. Each point earned is equal to one (1) US dollar rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

What are Discount or Coupon Codes and how do I obtain them?
Occassionally we offer discount codes or coupon codes that may be applied towards the purchase of a specific product or category of products in order to receive a discount at the time or purchase. These codes are "one time use only" and will expire on a specific date.

If the product I ordered is the wrong size or color how do I return it?
We expect every member to carefully review your order before submission to ensure you ordered the correct size and color. However, if you need to return a product to exchange for a different color/size of the exact same product, then you must request a return authorization number and you must pay for return shipment as well as the shipment cost for the exchanged product to be shippped to you.

Each product returned must be shipped direct to the manufacturer and is not to be shipped to Team HQS.

Is PayPal a payment option during the checkout process to pay with a credit card?
It is not necessary for you to have a verified Paypal account in order to submit payment via credit card but if you do have a Paypal account, then you have the option to login to your paypal account and select your preferred option of payment. Once you login to your Paypal account you then can select your preferred payment method as either PayPal balance, PayPal Credit or Credit Card.

If you DO NOT have a PayPal account, our credit card processor accepts AMEX, VISA and MASTERCARD.

As a Team Member, may I purchase and resell Team HQs products?
If you own a Pro Shop, Academy or you are a Coach/Trainer/Instructor you are allowed to resell the products you purchase but you may not advertise or promote the products below the Manufacturers Advertised Price (MAP).

If you deviate from the terms and conditions of this policy, your membership account will be terminated.

Can I apply to be an Agent/Rep and be rewarded for my efforts?
We offer our members the option to apply as a Agent/Rep. The critera for acceptance is strict and requires a dedicated commitment from any member approved as an Agent/Rep. Agent/Rep's are selected based on their expertise, location and current role in their sport or business. Every Agent/Rep must demonstrate competence with computers and using online web applications.

As an Agent/Rep, you must complete our training program and agree to the terms and conditions of your role as an Agent/Rep. Each Agent/Rep will have access to a Dashboard menu that allows you to add new members to Team HQS who are under your management. You will be rewarded monthly with "commissions" for each order placed by a member of your "team" where you will receive percentage of sales excluding taxes or shipping costs from TeamHQS.com products that are purchased by your assigned team members. 

How do I apply to become an Affiliate of Team HQS?
Simply click on the APPLY NOW button on the Affiliate login page at Teamhqs.com to submit an application. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours and if approved you will receive an email with your login credentials. If you are already a member of Team HQS, submit a CONTACT US form and request an upgrade to Affiliate level membership.

What is the criteria for approval and is anyone allowed to become an Affiliate?
Yes, most everyone is qualified to become an Affiliate.  Once approved as an Affiliate, anyone you refer using your Affiliate ID who joins TeamHQS.com will be linked to your Affiliate account for the life of their membership.  If you refer someone who does not join Team HQS, you will still earn your commmission on any orders placed by "guest" customers. If you already have a Team HQS member account, you can request that your account type be upgraded to Affiliate level.

How will I earn commissions on orders placed by members I have referred?
You will earn a commission for every order placed by Team HQS members or guests that you have referred.  Your commission is calculated at 10% of the total sales price of the order less shipping cost and taxes. You will also earn a commission on orders you place for yourself using your Affiliate account.

How will I receive payment for commissions earned?
For cash payments to our Affiliates we will send your payment using ACH bank transfer or you can optionally request a check.  We also allow Affiliates to exchange commissions (dollars) earned for Team HQS Reward Points at a rate of $1.00 equals 1 Reward Point.  Once you have accrued $100 in commissions, you may request a cash payment.  However, there is no minimum commission balance required to convert your commissions earned to Reward Points via your Affiliate Dashboard menu.   Reward Points may be redeemed to purchase or receive a discount on any product in our catalog.

What discount percent do I receive when I purchase products from Team HQS?
As an Affiliate you will receive a 15% discount off the suggested retail price of all products in the Team catalog and you will also earn a 10% commission for orders you place for yourself. If you have exchanged your earned commissions for reward points, those points may be used to purchase products at your 15% discount level and if you have sufficient points, cover the full cost of the products purchased on a single order.

How do I receive my Affiliate Referral links?
Login to your Affiliate Dashboard where you will have access to a menu that allows you to generate referral URL links that include your Affiliate ID. You can generate links to our application form, our homepage, our brand categories page and also links for individual products in our catalog.  In addition, you can generate a widget which allows you to display direct links to featured products in our catalog on your website.

Will I be allowed to view a list of all Team HQS members that have joined as a result of my referral?
Yes, via your Affiliate Dashboard menu there is an option to view all members and guest customers linked to your Affiliate ID.  You can also view all referred member order history, your total commissions earned on each order and the amount commissions exchanged for reward points. All orders placed by members you have referred will forever be linked to your Affliate ID and you will earn a commission on each order.

You are also encouraged to contact our customers who are listed on your referral roster. Be proactive and thank them for placing an order using your Affiliate ID or selecting you as the Affiliate who referred them during the checkout process. Encourage them to return to Team HQS to purchase additional products.

Am I allowed to use the Team HQS official logo on my website or social media site?
Yes, you may use our logo and you may also create custom banner ads to be displayed on your website.  Just make certain that you place your generated Team HQS Affiliate Referral URL link on the image so that it is "clickable" to redirect potential members to our online application form or a product in our catalog.  Once they submit an application form to join or purchase product as a guest customer, they will be automatically linked to your Affiliate ID.

Our Affiliates are also authorized to use our Brand Partner logos and the product promotional images found on the Affiliate menu downloads page. Affiliates may also create their own unique promotional ad images which contain hyperlink URL's that were generated via their Affiliate menu.

Is there any dollar limit on the amount of commissions I can earn?
No, there is not a limit.  The more members that join and place orders or guest customers that purchase Team HQs products based on your referral ID, the greater your commissions will be.  We have members that typically spend $500 for  or more a single order.  At a 10% commission rate on $500, your commission would be $50 for a single order and have an unlimited opportunity to earn commissions.